Friday, October 31, 2008

Leave it to me!

I thought I could make it an entire week without doing something stupid, but apparently I cannot! This evening my mom was driving the girls and me to a friend's house so we could hang out there for Halloween. We turned the corner onto the street where Randy lives, and I noticed that his garage door was left open. He and his kids were headed to Midland for a soccer tournament. I tried to call him, but he didn't answer. So I decided I would push the garage door button and run out-easy enough, I've done that before. First I had to push all the wrong buttons and open the other door, etc. Found the right one and ran--as I tried to use my Mission Impossible skills and jump over the laser, I fell flat on the driveway. Mom didn't see it happen, but said she looked up and saw me laying there, but since I was laughing she figured I was ok! The thought did cross my mind to try it again, but luckily the smarter side of my brain took over. I closed the door and went thru the house. I talked to Randy right after this, and there was a key in the mailbox after all. I ended up with a skinned knee and knuckles. You'd think with all I've been thru lately I would be tough, but these little injuries kind of hurt! Luckily I've got my neosporin and Dora bandaids. :)

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noejo said...

Plus some mighty fine pain meds I'll bet! :)