Monday, October 6, 2008

Where to start...where to start

One evening when I was in the hospital, Larry and Sean came to see me. Larry asked me what I had done that day-I told him I had gone for a test and then basically just sat around. Apparantly that wasn't good enough, because he asked me if I had gotten up and walked around. I got a bit defensive I must admit (ha!) and told him that I wasn't told I needed to get up and walk around,"No one said I had to!" was my comment! He said that there were 80 year old women who had just had heart surgery walking down the hall and that I needed to get out there! After much pestering on his part, I got my hiney out of bed to walk down the hall. I don't know what was so funny-Sean and Larry think they are comedians but that is another post, but as we walked down the hall I laughed and laughed. It was just what I needed. Then the best part-there was a sign listing all the head nurses--one of them was named Lafawnda!! (Remember Kip's online girlfriend?!) Sean and I thought that was the funniest thing ever, until the next day when I found out she was white-not a black amazon woman. Poor Sean was so upset.


Cousin Ed said...

This looks grate! Keep up the posting!

"Your mom goes to college"

Tina said...

Hey, you really did need to get out of bed. I mean other than going to the potty! I know that Larry and Sean aren't professional standup comics, but they sure can make you laugh.

Photogirl said...

Hey girl, I missed seeing you today. I hate to think you can do just fine without me...ha!