Monday, October 27, 2008

Little update that turned out long, and a funny story

Been out of commission for a while now. Had a spinal tap done 2 weeks ago and it completely kicked my hiney. I was literally in bed from Monday until Saturday. The following Sunday I got out of bed a bit, but was definitely cranky and not in my best mood. The Monday after that I had a port put in my arm-now nurses can access this for iv's or for taking blood. That was a bit uncomfortable and sore for a few days, so typing wasn't much fun. The next few days I spent getting ready for radiation on my spine and brain. That wore me out a bit-you should see this contraption-it looks like a medieval prison torture device! I lay on my belly, face down, with a mesh helmet thing that clips on top of my head--all this to say I cannot move at all. Then they use lasers to get my spine in the right place. As they are getting me level, they mark places on my back with a sharpie marker. It is rather alarming looking!! I've only been a few times and my back is FULL of markings-I would post a picture but that is kind of weird! The closest I'll ever be to getting a real tattoo, that's for sure!
Last Friday I woke up feeling decent, started eating breakfast and took some pain medicine. Almost immediately I was sick. And that continued all day. Couldn't keep anything down all day. I even missed my radiation appt. because I could not get out of bed. That evening was hard, and I really didn't sleep well. Sometime in the middle of the night I decided that I was going to the ER when it was morning. Came in a bit after 7 am, and was in a regular room a little while after lunchtime I think. Come to find out I was bleeding again (the same type thing that happened a month ago that got all of this started.) So i had morphine all day Saturday, and by Sunday morning I was much better. Now here it is Monday lunchtime and we are waiting to hear from the doctor's as to what our next plan of action is, or if we continue with what we've been doing.

Enough of the boring stuff...not to my funny story!
When I went in last Monday to have my port put in, they told me they would put me to sleep, even though it would be a short procedure. I get into the operating room and the anest. puts the mask on my face for me to breathe the happy air. I don't know what came over me, but I pushed his arm away and said, "I wasn't ready for that!" He tried to console me, but I did not like it one bit! I don't know if it was last minute uneasiness or the fact that the mask covered up my entire face, including part of my eyes! I think I needed the kid size one! Then the nurses proceeded to hold me down until I fell asleep.
Fast forward to wake up time...I remember a male nurse rolling me back to the post op area. When I started waking up I remembered talking to this nurse. When he was rolling me back from the surgery I said, "Oh, aren't you supposed to be at work?" (thought it was Randy!!) Then I remember telling him I was sorry, I thought he was someone else! When I was waking up I apologized to him and told him I guess I was just confused. Then he said that I also asked him to come by my house that evening!! Haha! Didn't remember that part! I was so embarrassed! He said it was no big deal, people always say funny things-he said sometimes ladies think he is their husband and try to reach up and kiss him! At least I didn't do that! For those that are wondering-he didn't come by that night...but Randy did! :)

So that's all for now-just waiting on doctors...sigh...


Vincent said...

Hey there Kelly 2.

Vincent here. Jo hooked me up tonight with your blog. I think of you every day. I need you to get well soon because they still haven't put up the Artistek display and I need your help.



Hi I'm Anna said...

Thank you for giving me your blog information and for the update. You are in my prayers, Kelly.